IRIO Technology is a set of software tools that simplifies the development of advanced data acquisition systems (DAQs) using FPGA-based devices. In particular IRIO provides all the integration chain for the development of applications for EPICS middleware. The simplification arises because IRIO defines three main elements: a data acquisition and processing architecture for the FPGA, a software layer interfacing this implementation and an EPICS devices support implemented with asynDriver integrating all in EPICS. IRIO uses RIO technology from National Instruments and LabVIEW for FPGA development.

The tools have been integrated and tested in ITER codac core system for fast controllers and in one prototype of the ION Source in ESS-Bilbao. IRIO software is distributed under the GPL V2 license.

IRIO LabVIEW Templates
IRIO Library
IRIO EPICS Device Support
IRIO for AreaDetector and Nominal Device Support (NDS)
Results and use case
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