You can work with us during your studies doing your Degree (PFG) or Master (TFM) Thesses, or even a PhD. Or if already have the required training you can apply for one of our scholarships or vacancies.

Degree, Master and PhD Thesses

You can also email us with your thesis proposal.

Scholarships & Fellowships

We are very interested in participating in major public and private calls for fellowships (FPI, FPU, ministry, foundations, etc). We are constantly attentive to such calls.

If you think you could be the beneficiary of a fellowship and you have clear the call and want to propose a research topic to make the application, please contact us.

Please check this section regularly

Job vacancies

I2A2 is looking for a Electrical/computer science engineer for supporting in the development of  “Software Support bundle for FlexRIO/NVIDIA GPU” that I2A2 is devloping for ITER. The skills (basic knowledge) required are:

C/ C++ Programming for Linux.

Linux kernel development

LabVIEW programming

GPUs/CUDA programming.

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