Traditionally, acoustics research in buildings has been linked to the improvement of sound quality in rooms and noise mitigation, with the aim of improving the quality of life and welfare of residents. Today, together with the insulation and acoustic treatment of a building, other areas of research related to intelligent buildings and telecommunications have arisen.

The I2A2’s research in this field is focusing in:

  • Sound insulation programs. Related to activities that the Acoustics Testing Lab performs to AENA, I2A2 conducts research in the field of acoustic insulation, from an objective measurement point of view, and from the point of view of citizen perception.
  • Aircraft Noise and buildings. Today, acoustic comfort inside buildings at airports’ surroundings is secured by Sound Insulation Plants. The enhacement of facades sound insulation should ensure that noise levels within bedrooms and living rooms is below the legal limits. However, we are working in the improvement of noise and insulation models, in a attempt that Urban Tipology is considered in the calculations.
  • Virtual Labs for the training and qualification of practitioners in acoustic testing.