We are looking for a candidate to apply to the Industrial Doctorate program of the Madrid Region, within a research project in collaboration with the Research Group on Instrumentation and Applied Acoustics (I2A2) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a technology-based company within the aeronautical sector.

Interested candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • To hold an official degree that enables them to enroll in a doctoral program at any university in Madrid.
  • The date of obtaining the official degree referred to above shall be within the five years prior to the date of publication of the call for applications. In the case of having more than one official title, the date of obtaining the oldest shall be considered.
  • If you are doing your doctorate, you must not have been enrolled in the doctoral program for more than one year, which must be duly accredited.
  • The person hired shall not have received pre-doctoral assistance in the form of a contract for more than 12 months prior to the submission of the application.
  • Not possessing a doctorate degree.

Qualifications: Telecommunication engineering, acoustic engineering, aeronautical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, or similar.

The candidate will carry out pre-doctoral research work (Phd thesis) focused on the development of applications related to the monitoring and management of environmental noise in airport environments. This research will be carried out between Group I2A2 and the company involved in the project. The candidate will join this company during the completion of the thesis.

Experience (not required) in handling data acquisition systems, signal processing, or environmental noise measurement is an asset.

Application deadline: 26/06/2018

Gross salary: 19.250 €/year

For further details (in Spanish): Call website ; Call text

Candidates should send their CV to: casensio@i2a2.upm.es